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Tokens Collected from Bhuttico in Manali

When you visit Kullu and Manali you always wish to carry something as a token of remembrance from this place. At least I did so when I went there last month. It was after my semester breaks that I decided to visit Manali along with my friends. I wanted to carry the entire Manali for my relatives back at home but alas! That was not possible. As I was thinking what to buy for my relatives I saw the Bhuttico Showroom. Bhutti weavers prepare different types of shawls and caps that are famous in Manali region.

Bhuttico Showroom in Manali

As I went inside the showroom I got to know Bhuticco is into the industry since 1944. They keep up the tradition of Himalayan style and latest trends. A group of 12-15 people from Bhutti village started the handloom business and founded this co-operative society. This society has also won the National Award from the textile ministry of India. Along with their weaving sheds they also have a proper colony of their own. The society has all sorts of benefits for their employees and their family. The housing colony has all types of facilities for the employees.

One of the shopkeepers started showing me the variety of items they deal with. This society deals with the manufacturing of all types of handmade products. Through their production they keep their tradition and custom alive. There are many types of products that are exclusively designed by the employees of Bhuttico. The various types of products that were shown to me are:-

Shawls at Bhuttico

The shawls available in Manali are famous worldwide for their design and pattern. These shawls are an example of handloom industry in Manali. One of the famous items of Bhuttico is shawls. Shawls available are of different types. They are woolen, angora, Pashmina and gents shawl. They were so beautiful that I quickly grabbed one Pashmina Shawl for my mother and my aunt.

Inside the Bhuttico Showroom

To my surprise they amounted to just Rs 500 which were really cheap so I grabbed some more of them. Woolen shawls are made up of normal wool. Angora shawls are made up of angora wool which comes from Angora rabbit. Pashmina shawls are made up of very fine Cashmere wool. Bhuttico are a specialist in making exclusive shawls.

Pattoos at Bhuttico

After the shawls I moved to another counter that dealt with something heavier than normal shawls and are known as Pattoos. These are rough ones and are mainly used as blankets. The ones which are not as rough they are used as sarees that is worn by the local people of Manali. This is also tied around the waist.

Scarves at Bhuttico

These scarves are a special attraction from Bhuttico. They involve in making awesome scarves of different patterns. These scarves are also used for different purpose.

Scarves in Bhuttico Showroom

Bhuttico employees involve in making different types of scarves and they are available in all Bhuttico showrooms.

Other Made-ups at Bhuttico

Apart from the above mentioned items Bhuttico deals with items such as woollen jackets, shirts, coats and ponchos. All products of Bhuttico are made up using pure wool. These wools are collected from local people. They are manufactured using the latest machine called “Zuki” from Japan.

Kullu Caps at Bhuttico

After Pattoos it was caps made up of wool that caught my attraction. This is another special item of Manali and hence tourists involve in buying this item when they visit Manali. These caps are very famous in Manali and often local people can be seen wearing it.

Kullu Caps in Bhuttico Showroom

Bhuttico caps are exclusive and different than other caps with respect to their design, pattern and production procedure. So I got two caps for my brother.

Specialty of Bhuttico in Manali

In Manali, there are three Bhuttico showrooms all together. You can find Bhuttico showroom in Mall, Manu Market and N.A.C Market. These showrooms can be visited when you visit Manali and the exclusive items made by Bhuttico can be purchased from these showrooms.

Handicrafts at Bhuttico

Handicrafts items are also made up by Bhuttico. Some of the famous handicraft products manufactured by Bhuttico are Pullas, Neck ties, woolen socks and woolen bags. Pullas are a type of slippers especially used by women in Kitchen. This is made up of hemp grass. Neck ties, woolen socks and woolen bags are made up of the same wool with which other woolen items are made.

You can buy any of these Bhuttico products mentioned in this article from the Bhuttico shops in a reasonable price like I did. It was an amazing experience to visit The Bhuttico Showroom in Manali and buy items at a reasonable price. Bhuttico shops are there in Kullu and other parts of the country. You can visit any one of the showrooms for the items.

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