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Chopsticks Restaurant in Manali

A visit to the picturesque town of Manali is incomplete without a trip to Chopsticks. This is by far the most popular eatery at Mall Road in Manali because of its delicious food, clean and quirky décor and friendly staff. A special feature of Chopsticks is the eclectic mix of diners here; you will find Indians, Europeans, Chinese and people of all other nationalities mixing together and interacting in Chopsticks.

Chopstick Restaurant in Manali

The staff here is so friendly that you can easily pick up a conversation with them and gather juicy bits about local life. The interiors are warm and inviting and usually you will find a log fire blazing away in the fireplace.

Breakfast at Chopsticks

If you want to have a delicious start to your day of sightseeing in Manali then start off with a hearty breakfast in Chopsticks. The breakfast menu is extensive and is available from 8.30 A.M to 11.30 A.M. There are diverse options in the breakfast menu right from Alu Parantha to the ubiquitous toast omelets and French toast to pancakes with honey/maple syrup. Chopsticks have a diverse selection of eggs for the hungry tourist; you can take your pick from boiled/poached / scrambled / sunny side up or fried eggs.

Breakfast at Chopsti

However, it’s advisable to sample the most popular item on the breakfast menu; the Muesli. The packaged version from Kellogg or Bagri’s which you have at home cannot compare with the yummy crunchy flavor filled Muesli here. A full bowl of Muesli with milk/curd and honey/raisins topping it is a dish to remember.

Other Meals at Chopsticks

The menu selection at Chopsticks is diverse as the restaurant caters to the international tourist. You will get Indian, Continental, Tibetan, and Japanese and Chinese cuisine here. The Tibetan food is specially recommended as Manali as a town is under a lot of influence of the Tibetan culture. For more unusual experiences it’s recommended that you try out the Japanese menu as Chopsticks is one of the few restaurants in Manali serving Japanese food.

If you arrive in Manali during the months of March to November you can order trout fish in Chopsticks. The steamed and baked trout versions in Chopsticks are just delicious.

Tibetan Specialties at Chopsticks

Tibetan food is known for its wholesomeness and healthy properties as the dishes are usually steamed/boiled or cooked with minimum spices. The flavors are usually infused with the help of local sauces which makes the dishes tasty yet unusual. Here are a few Tibetan specialties in Chopsticks Manali are:

Tibetan Specialties of Chopstic Restaurant


The popular dish Momo (fried or steamed dumplings) is served in umpteen avatars in Chopsticks Manali. You will find chicken, mutton, pork, fish, egg and vegetarian Momo here both in fried and steamed versions. However the dish that stands apart is the spinach and cheese Momo.

Sha Baley

The Sha Baley is a kind of fried pie which is stuffed with tender meat or juicy vegetables. This is amongst the favorite food items of people belonging to central Tibet. Usually Sha Baley and Momos are staple snacks that are served in Tibetan potluck gatherings. Chopsticks in Manali are known for serving delicious Sha Baley in both the vegetarian and non vegetarian versions. This delicious snack is light yet yummy and you can have it for breakfast, lunch, dinner or also as a cocktail snack. Don’t miss out on the unusual flavors of the Sha Baley in Chopsticks if you are ever in Manali.


Gyakok is a kind of soup which is so filling and tasty that it can make up an entire meal in itself if accompanied by Momos. This wonderful dish served in chopsticks Manali has sliced chicken, boiled eggs, fresh cut veggies, steamed fish, sautéed pork all cooked together till the ingredients become infused together. The result is a delicious warm and thickly textured soup that will fill up your belly and delight your soul in equal measure. The Gyakok is one of the most popular Tibetan dishes served in Chopsticks Manali.

Japanese Specialties at Chopsticks

If the name of Japanese food only reminds you of the bland Sushi cuisine then it’s definitely time to educate yourself by paying a visit to Chopsticks Manali. The Sukiyaki and Mizutaki served there will leave you gasping and hungry for more.

Japanese Specialties of


This is a complete Japanese meal in itself which is also known as Nabe. Fish, fresh vegetables, meat and eggs are mixed in unflavored broth and then seasoned with the Japanese sauce Pozu. The cooking is done in a ceramic utensil called Donabe. The Celsius dips in Manali often and the Mizutaki is the perfect food to warm up the body. Most Japanese and Pan Asian tourists in Manali visit Chopsticks for getting their fill of Mizutaki.


The Sukiyaki served by Chopsticks in Manali is once again a complete wholesome meal in itself. If you love beef then you can order the beef Sukiyaki as the Japanese traditional version has beef in it. However Chopsticks does serve a chicken and a vegetable version too. The seasoning is done with Wasrshita, Kansai and Teriyaki sauce so the flavor is sharper but eminently delicious.

Alcohol and Beverages at Chopsticks

As mentioned earlier Chopsticks in Manali serves the international tourist so you are sure to get your favorite brand of alcoholic beverage here. The bar opens up around lunch timings (12 P.M) and remains open till night. You can get all the top brands of beer, Vodka, wine, whiskey and Rum in the bar. You can also try out the local wine and rum manufactured in Manali if you want to try out something different.

Alcohol and Beverages at Chopsticks

For teetotalers there are options of lemonade, fruit beer, sweet lime soda, a selection of fruit juices and milk shakes to refresh the stomach.

Contact Details of Chopsticks

The restaurant opens up around 8 A.M but it’s better for you to come around 9 A.M if you want breakfast. Chopsticks in Manali are open throughout the day till 9 P.M in the night. Like most other eateries in hill stations, Chopsticks is closed after that.

There is no fixed timing for dropping in to Chopsticks for your breakfast, lunch or dinner as it specifically caters to the tourist section who saunter in throughout the day.

Contact Details of Chopsticks Restaurant
Chopstick Restaurant

The Mall Road
Manali – 175131
Phone no.: 1902 52639
Email Id:

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