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Vashist Hot Water Springs and Temples

Himalaya ranges, located in the north of the country have always been believed to be the abode of Gods. So, are the places which are located in the lap of Himalayan range? The valley of Manali is not an exception to this. With its snow covered mountains, apple orchards, turbulent rivers and dense green forests it is indeed a place where the gods dwell with the mankind happily. Manali, the name of the town is believed to be derived from the refuge of Manu, who is believed to be the original fore father of Indian people. It is said that the Manu took refuge in Manali after the great deluge with the other gods.

Vashist Temple Manali

A land of ancient temples and monasteries, Manali is said to be part of several ancient legends of Hindu Mythology. One of the ancient temples which are famous in Manali is Vashist Temple which is also famous for Hot water springs all over the country and the world. These two places have become the chief attraction of Manali.

About Vashist Hot Water Springs & Temples Manali

Just 3 kilometres away from the Manali downtown area and across the gurgling cool waters of River Beas, Vashist Temple & hot springs is located. Like other ancient temples, this temple has been founded in honour of Lord Rama and Rishi Vashist, who played a prominent part in story of Lord Rama. It is said that at this place; Rishi Vashisht narrated the ancient scripture, Yoga Vashishta, which deals with an insight in the world of inner consciousness.

There are two old stone temples in this complex which are dedicated to Rishi Vashisht. The older and smaller temple which dedicated to rishi Vashisht opens at the partially covered courtyard. It has an ornamental shrine which has become black due to the years of incense smoke and oil lamp. The ornamental stone quadrangle platform also provides a resting place for the visitors including the ascetics who relax here with the chillums and a glass of tea. Along the stone temples, the famous springs which are medicinal and hot gush with the great healing powers. These hot springs sprout from the mountains nearby.

The hot springs are enclosed in baths separately for men and women. The hot and cold waters are piped to these baths so that the temperature of bath is normal.  The devotees bath in these waters before paying obeisance to the god.

Hot Water Spings in Vashist Temple

The architecture of the stone temples is very exquisite in the tradition of the Himalayan architecture. The work is very delicate and resembles the poetry in stone.

Facilities at Vashist Hot Water Springs & Temples Manali

Vashist Hot Water Springs & Temples are just located across the cool and turbulent waters of River Beas. The temples are located near Bazaar, where you can shop to your content. The bazaar also has some restaurants and food shops where you can taste local cuisine as well as other food which is very tasty to eat and at very reasonable prices. The bazaar is open all day and in the night till 8.30 pm. If you are taking private car, bus or jeep you need to park them at the base. Then you can pay your obeisance to god and roam around the bazaar on foot.

How to Reach Vashist Temple & Hot Springs

Vashist Temple & hot springs are located just 3 kilometers away from Manali Downtown area. It is very easy to visit the temple and hot springs. You can take bus, taxi or walk on the foot to visit the temple. You can also take private car or jeep to visit the temple. The temple and hot springs are located in a village Vashist of Manali. This village is located near the cool water and bank of River Beas.

The Vashist temple is located in a bazaar, where you can shop to your heart’s content. You can also take home many souvenirs of the journey such as woollen shawls, sweaters, wooden handicraft and other things after paying obeisance to the gods.

Best Season to visit Vashist Temple & Hot Springs

Like other tourist spots of Manali, the best season to visit the Vashist Temple & hot springs are the months from April to June and the months from September to October. All the other times are not good as Manali is inundated with snow all over the town. The winter is severe in the town and the summers are very mild and pleasant.

Accommodation near Vashist Temple Manali

Vashisht Temple is located just 3 kms away from the Manali’s downtown. As the economy of Manali is based mostly up the tourism, there is no short of accommodation in Manali Town. There are lot of hotels and resorts which cater to all sections of population. In addition to that, Manali also offers homestay accommodation for the people who want exposure to the local culture. Most of the hotels and resorts are located at the beautiful and lovely landscape which is far from the madding crowd. The visitors can stay anywhere in the city of Manali for relaxation in his vacation.

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