About Manali

About Manali
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Situated in the lap of the beautiful Himachal Pradesh, Manali is one of those exotic hill stations that has had people’s attention captivated since times immemorial. Part of the Kullu district and seated at an altitude of 6727ft, in the peripheries of the Beas river valley, Manali is one of those places where you will find yourself mesmerized by the scenic exquisiteness.

Manali Tourism

The scintillating valleys and snow-peaked mountains, perfectly placed with the foliage and solace that this place will bestow upon you, Manali is like a fairy-tale, a time-machine, that will transport you to a land of luxury, devotion and fantasy, all at the same time.Packing your bags to this destination once, you will find yourself spellbound with the grace of the place, wanting to visit it over and over again.

Adventure Sports in Manali

Attracting tourists from across the world, Manali accounts for a major contribution to the country’s vacation industry. With a host of activities to indulge in such as paragliding, river rafting, river crossing, trekking, Zorbing and mountain climbing and so on, there is a lot to keep you busy here.

Adventure Sports inside Manali

Even though there are certain months of the year when rafting and other water related sports may have to be banned due to alarming water levels, while they are open, people make the most of it.
The enigmatic Solang Valley, which has parts of snow covered mountains throughout the year, is a major tourist attraction as well. There are a number of activities that you can enjoy here. Skiing and motor skating on the snow are the most memorable and fun sports that you will indulge in here.

Where to Stay in Manali?

When it comes to accommodation, Manali has a vast variety to offer. From the ultra-luxurious hotel rooms to budget lodges and cafes, you can easily find a pretty place to live, that suits your budget. The usual decor seen here the cozy wood-work rooms, which are great for the extreme winter nights.
Open your hotel-room window to a splendid view of glorious mountains, and let the beauty of nature sink in deep inside our minds, breathe the fresh air and listen to the music of the Gods.

About Manali

While the accommodations on Mall road, might be highly priced and commercialized, you can also go for the much cheaper options available in Old Manali, which is a 10 minute ‘rickshaw ride’ and the ambiance there is much relaxed and chilled out as well. People actually find the place so amazing that they give up their busy lives in the city, and shift here permanently.

Tantalize your Taste Buds in Manali

Manali is a foodie’s paradise by all means. There are such amazing local dishes as well Israeli and Italian dishes available here, you will actually start feeling like you are visiting a foreign land. The food is cooked by authentic continental chefs, be it in a costly hotel, or in a roadside café.
You will simply have to taste the gorgeous lasagnas, pizzas, and cakes that are freshly prepared here, providing an out and out feast for the travelers. Read More Here.

Food in Manali
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The fun never stops in Manali When you get tired of trekking and sightseeing, you can go and have food at the fabulous restaurants on Mall road. Speaking of Mall road, shopping cannot be missed. There are so many beautiful things to admire and shop that you will literally find yourself spoilt for choice.

The nightlife of the city is surprisingly interesting as well. Sit around in any of the pretty cafes in Old Manali, drink to your heart’s content, try out different cuisines, read books, have an impromptu jam music session with people around you, dance, visit a music festival or simply unwind, with a good movie and some drinks in your hotel room!

Religious Spots in Manali

It has a number of Buddhist monasteries and shrines that are home to those who have given up worldly pleasures to lead a life of peace and belief.
The Hadimba temple which is carved with wood is visited by hundreds of believers and tourists each day. Besides this, the Arjun Goofa, Vashisht temple, Bijli Mahadev temple, Gayatri temple and the Jagatsukh temples are some major places of worship in this area.
‘Manikaran Sahib Gurudwara and temple’ are one of the most famous places where tourists from across the country as well as from different parts of the world gather, to witness the natural ‘hot water springs’.

Administration in Manali

Administratively, Manali is a part of the Kullu district and all important head offices are also situated in Kullu. For example, the deputy commissioner’s office, as well as the district courts are situated there. Know More Here.

Business Aspects: A major part Manali’s economy is recovered from the tourist revenue that comes in. It’s because there are people coming in here, throughout the year. Irrespective of the blistering winters, or the tiring summers, people come and visit Manali, and spend a lot as well!
Other fresh vegetative produce and fruits are also transported to different parts of the country every day, also making up for huge earnings.

Handiwork and paintings, woolen garments are available in plenty as well tourists pay whole lot of
money for taking home delicate pashminas an angora shawls and comforters.

Culture: Rich in culture and diverse in its depiction, Manali is a mix of folk lore, typical woollen clothing, language and food. There is no denying the foreigners from different parts of the world have come here and formed colonies, thus inspiring the air around here too. The music of the vicinity, is a fusion of folk, rock and country. There are a number of famous music festivals and parties held here as well, which area great attraction for tourists.

Transportation in Manali

People usually walk a lot in Manali ! Other than that, Auto-rickshaws, Taxis and buses are an ideal way of commuting from one place to another. It’s better to book tickets for buses beforehand, in order to have a comfortable journey.
Bhuntar airport, which is situated at the foot of Manali, is where all flights land, and the rest of the journey has to be made by road.

Medical Help in Manali

 There is usually medical aid available at all local hotels and cafes here. Nevertheless, there are a number of government and private hospitals in the vicinity that can be visited in times of need. Cleanliness and health are stressed upon enough and you will hardly see any dumping zones or unpleasant garbage while walking the streets of Manali.

All in all, Manali is literally like heaven on earth and you simply have not seen India, till you have been here. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself calling up at work and making excuses for saying here a little longer! Read more in detail about different aspects of the city on the related pages!
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